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  • To provide the core teaching materials for all teaching programmes run by the university.
  • To cater for the specific needs of the individual readers
  • To promote knowledge and learning by providing the additional reading materials in the form of reference books, reports , periodicals conference proceedings etc

•    To be a resource center for providing the information needs to a variety of users e.g. researchers, scholars, students, staff, community members and the public at large.
•    To assist in achieving the vision of Muteesa 1 Royal University.

Collection Development:
Libraries have a total collection of more than 30,000 books and reading materials. This collection constitutes of core reading materials for all the courses run by the University.
In addition to the books and other reading materials we are subscribing the E. journals and E. books in order to access the latest information sources in our collection.
Internet Connection:
Both Libraries are connected to the internet and students are advised to use their laptops and computers to access the latest information available using the wireless network.

Opening Hours:
Libraries are opened to cater for all categories of programmes run in the university i.e. day programmes, evening programmes and weekend programmes. Normal working hours for the libraries are 8:30am-9:00pm during the semester and 8:30am-5:00pm during holidays.
Personnel assistance is extended to students to get needed information in the different subjects offered at the University. The Library collection is classified in the subject categories and organized for easier allocation.
Rules and Regulations:
Rules and regulations for using the library services are in place and must be observed by the readers. Students and staff are encouraged to browse the collection
Library Staff:
The Library contains 7 staff members as per now for both Kirumba Masaka Campus and Mmengo Kakeeka campus and are headed by the University Librarian Mr. Mohammed Kamil Khan.
For any further information about Muteesa 1 Royal University Libraries, feel free to contact us on the following


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