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usb1USB 3.0 Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the third version for standard computer connectivity. USB 3.0, also known as SuperSpeed USB. USB flash drives have become one of the most popular methods of file transfer and the latest generation. The USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 using the same concept but with many improvements and totally different implementation. USB is developed in the mid-1990s by a consortium of companies.

Today three speed modes USB 3.0 specification are present, they are SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed and Full-Speed. The Latest SuperSpeed has a transfer rate of 4.8Gbps. USB 2.0 still operates at 480Mbps and 12Mbps respectively.

In USB 2.0 data can travel in one direction at a time, but the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 can read and write data simultaneously. This one is possible with adding two new lanes to transmit USB3.0 data and another pair is using for receiving data.

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  • motherboard
  • Understanding your motherboard components and their functions is simple… Join us as we explain the different parts of a motherboard with pictures.
  • At the first glance, the components of a motherboard can appear complicated… even daunting to some. How are we supposed to figure out that jumble of connectors, ports, slots, sockets and heat sinks?

The good news: To find your way around a motherboard, all you’ll need to know are the major motherboard parts and their functions. And what better way to do it than with pictures? Let’s meet our motherboard components:

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